Upholstery Cleaning

Here at AAA Carpet Cleaning we understand life happens. When spots on your couch from when the kids spilled their extra buttery popcorn during that sleepover start annoying you…When the cat hopped up on your chair with muddy paws…Or when the weather changed and you no longer need to use your wood burning fireplace and want the sooty smell out of your living room…Whatever the case may be, we are at your service.

When it comes to our furniture, most of us don’t really want to think about what we can’t see that might be sitting there on the couch with us during a movie. Or at the dining table during dinner. Or in our mattress while we sleep. Think about it for a second…Upholstery collects over time the same dirt, dust, dust mites, and bacteria that carpets do. Upholstery acts as a filter collecting contaminates and needs to be cleaned periodically. You wouldn’t wear the same clothing for months on end without washing them (unless you have a sports related luck superstition). In the same way our furniture has contact with us like our clothing.

Our bodies shed skin (fun fact: dust is 95% made up of dead skin). Whether you have spills or spots or stains or the paragraph above just grossed you out, having your furniture cleaned periodically is a good idea. And it’s a great idea to have AAA Carpet Cleaning come out to do a good cleaning for you. Our powerful truck mounted steam cleaning method along with our environmentally friendly cleaning solutions get the job done!