Carpet Cleaning

Why is it important to have your carpets clean if they don’t look dirty? Why hire someone to do it for you if you have your own household carpet cleaning machine and vacuum?

Most people call a carpet cleaning company to come out and clean when their carpets look dirty or something was spilled…but actually, having your carpets cleaned professionally on a regular basis is important for your health. Bacteria, dust, dirt, and dust mites collect in your carpet and over time you live in and breathe in these contaminates (YUCK!). While vacuuming regularly and even using an at home carpet cleaning machine with household cleaning solution will help you maintain visual cleanliness, your carpet should still be professionally treated. Chances are you aren’t getting them as clean as you think… household carpet cleaning machines don’t have continuous heat, and the hot water you started out with is cold by the time you’re ready to empty the tank. Think about it this way, just like you brush your teeth daily to maintain your health, you should still continue to vacuum and use your home carpet cleaning machines to maintain your carpet’s health. And just like you would go see the dentist every year for teeth cleaning, you should have AAA Carpet Cleaning come to give your carpets a deep steam cleaning. Not only does a yearly cleaning remove stains, dirt, dust, dust mites and bacteria, it also prolongs the life of your carpet significantly!

About our process: We are a high powered truck mounted steam cleaning company which means continuous heat. Our on board machines heat up water in our tanks to roughly 250-300 degrees. That kind of heat packs a powerful punch against contaminates! Because we use such high heat, we are able to use our cleaning solutions in smaller doses. Which means no soapy residue is left behind. That hot water, along with our environmentally safe cleaning solution, is pushed down deep into the carpet to force buildup to release. Then the buildup and water are extracted leaving you with fresh clean carpets. Your newly clean carpet will be slightly damp but doesn’t take more than a few hours to dry. Turning on a fan or opening a window on a warmer day can help speed up the drying time

And there you have it…we even drive away with the dirty water! But before we load up and take off, don’t forget to ask about our Scotch Guard Service to prevent future buildup, block stains and spills, and help you maintain your newly cleaned carpets! And of course don’t forget to give us feedback and tell all your friends. We strongly stand by our work which means if you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy. And we’re pretty happy people. So what are you waiting for… give us a call today!