Carpet Repairs and Re-stretching

If your vacuum snagged and pulled on your carpet and created a long snag line…If you’ve dropped your hot clothes iron and melted your berber… Or if the dog thought he could dig a hole to hide his bone in the living room…ask about our Repairs and Re-stretching services. And trust us…we’ve seen it all!

Sometimes carpet gets damaged. It can snag and rip or relax and give you a wavy effect. If you have rips, snags or burns, your carpet might not be a total loss. More often than not we can borrow a small piece of carpet from a closet to fill in a patch. Or if you have any extra carpet in the garage, we can use that as well to make sure the repair matches the rest of your floor space and isn’t noticeable as a repair.

If your carpet has relaxed and you have waves, you need a re-stretch. Our trained carpet installers will come in, pull the carpet up and stretch it flush against the wall again. This will make your regular vacuuming a breeze again. No more bumps and lumps.